Q Can I order business cards or T-shirts?
A No.
We only provide names with Kanji or Katakana characters as graphic data. But you can order to other shops using our data.

If you're going to have a tattoo, you can bring the printout of the right Kanji to your favorite tattoo studio.
Q Is the data big enough?
A The size is 800 x more than* 2000 pixels. *depend on the name length
It's enough for usage for web sites, or desktop background picture, or sketches for tattoos. If you need smaller size, you can resize it with popular graphic tools.

We hope you like the Kanji name we sent. If you really like it and you'd like to use it in your graphic arts, T-shirts or business cards; you can order PDF vector data for extra 8.50 - 9.50 US$. PDF is more hi-spec and more suitable for that use.
Q Is payment secure?
A We use 'PayPal'. It's popular in the world.

If you are under age of 18 and have no credit cards, Try 'PayPal mobile'. The account on your cell phone can be available also on web site shopping.
Q How long will it take until I get Kanji name?
A Naming is sometimes an artistic work, but we try to send in 1-3 days.
Please wait a little while.
Q Can I choose one from some candidates?
A No.
We consider and select the only and the best Kanji name for you. But sometimes, if we can't decide the only one, we'll present 2 or 3 translations and entrust you the choice.
Q Can I choose typeface?
A You can choose one typeface from 3 : 'classical', 'modern' and 'fun'. But let us choose the specification of the best typeface for your Kanji name.

We may present you with 2 typefaces if we have a recommendation which is opposite to your choice.
Q Can I choose writing style?
A Yes, you can chose horizontal or vertical direction on the order form.
Q Can I request a phrase/words or a motto?
A Yes, we can translate phrases, too.
In that case, we translate the meanings properly.

Leave 'birth place', 'birth day' and 'age' on the order form vacant, but please write in the 'description' field something about the phrase; the usage or how you like the phrase.
Q How about privacy policy?
A We use the personal information that we get from this order form, only for the presentation of the ordered name items and in order to contact the customers.


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